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Maurice LeBreux
Born in Canada
67 years
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Family Tree
Matthew LeBreux Matt's memories January 24, 2014
at St Augustine when dad had a Ford truck we went to deliver tires to a farmer there when that Ford truck broke down Dad and I had to walk 10 miles back to a gas station, once walking beside the the road Dad told me to walk on his right side Dad was walking in the grass on the shoulder Dad said its safer to walk here at that time a truck driving ran his tires on the white line.

another time a few years back around 2010 I was whith dad coming back with a large load of tires and a small van passed right in front of us, was so close I could not see the vehicle was blocked by the hood of the truck, Dad toss the truck right a bit and by the grace of God we did not hit.

ontime as a kid with Dad , Dad would sing songs on the truck and I was starting to fall asleep Dad incorporated into his song " oh Matthew is falling asleep he's getting tired " 

another time Dad was making a cookout outside it was in summer was about a100 out  next to the cooker about 10 feet was a wooden table the fire from the cooker was so hot it catch the table on fire.

Dad always fixing his axle on his trailer or replacing tires.

Daniel LeBreux Daniel's memories of dad though the years. January 16, 2014
On a trip to North Florida to sell recap tires I was with dad in his Crewcab truck and I was the passenger and dad would sing a song about me. " Oh Daniel he is big man.. and dad would yodle to the song.

Another time when we traveled to Canada. In Ottawa dad got lost in the airport there and I had to go around dad to get us back on the right road.   

back in 2004 dad came and got me with my chevy s-10 truck in Atlanta GA.

I enjoyed the times I got to work with my dad picking up tires and helping him load the tires. Working with dad many summers during school year.

I can remember when dad was cooking supper one time back on Emerson Street Deland Florida and he caught the stove on fire. What a meal !!           

When I arrived at the airport in Orlando Florida back in 2012 and dad seen me I can remember his face. Dad was happy to see me and I him.
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